I’m a translator and editor of academic and literary texts. Originally from Ireland, I seized the opportunity to move to my favourite city – Berlin – in 2006 and have been living and working here ever since. I translate primarily from German, but also from Russian, into English. I specialise in editing texts written by scholars whose native language is not English. My clients include publishers, universities, research institutes, and individual scholars as well as museums and memorial sites.

After my degree in German and Russian at Trinity College Dublin, I went on to complete a Masters in European Literature at Cambridge University and a PhD on the cultural memory of World War II in post-war East and West Germany (conferred by Trinity College Dublin in 2010). Between these degrees I gained my first experience working as a translator and editor, both in-house and freelance.

What began as a sideline to my studies has become my chosen career and a labour of love. I am regularly asked by publishers in the UK and Germany to complete sample literary translations and hope to translate an entire novel one of these days. The rest of my working hours are spent translating and editing academic publications in the humanities, the social sciences and the arts. Given my background in German and Eastern European studies, I am frequently asked to translate and edit publications in these areas. Recent translation and editing projects have covered topics such as the representation of World War II in Eastern and Western European museums, the history of women’s movements in Eastern Europe, and the fate of forced labourers from Eastern Europe in Nazi Germany. Outside academia, I also translate and edit exhibition and catalogue texts for memorial sites and museums.